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AD/HD Coaches
Educational Consultants, Educational Therapists, Councelors
Social Workers

    AD/HD Coaches

  • Barbara Bennett, M.A.
    Educational Therapist/Educational Consultant/ADHD Coach
    Population Served: Age 4 - Adult

  • Cindy Jobs
    Professional Organizer and Coach
    Population Served: Adolescents and Adults

  • Vidya Guhan, M.S, CCC-SLP, AAC
    ADHD & Family Coach
    Population Served: Parents, Adults, Teens

    • Calm Seas Coaching, LLC
      Bellevue, WA
      (425) 326-8708 (phone)
      www.calmseascoaching.com Facebook:
      Description: We empower families, adults and children dealing with ADHD and other special challenges to improve communication, time management, organization, social skills and emotional regulation and create an environment for success. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and to explore how we can help you.


      • Initial Consultation - Get started toward your goals with a free one-on-one session to discuss your needs, determine a good fit and select appropriate services.

      • ADHD Coaching - We help adults, young adults and teens optimize Time Management, rganization Skills, Social Skills, Working Memory, Emotional Regulation & Motivation

      • Family Coaching - We empower parents to understand what makes their child tick, communicate more effectively with their child, manage emotions and stress in healthier ways & support their child's optimal development.for personal, academic & professional success.

      • Life Coaching - We help you develop your clarity & vision, leverage your strengths & passions, recognize & replace negative beliefs, identify specific action steps and take targeted action toward your goals.

  • ARNPs

  • Alan Simons, ARNP
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    Population Served: Adults

    • Attention Performance Institute
      40 Lake Bellevue Dr, Suite 100
      Bellevue, WA 98005
      425-451-4422 (phone)
      425-455-8455 (fax)
      Description: As founder of Attention Performance Institute (API), a nationally board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, and experienced prescriber, therapist, and coach, Alan Simons, ARNP, brings together specialized training and experience in Executive and ADHD Coaching, Brain Science/Mind-Body Research, Psychotherapy, Peak Performance Strategies, Medications, Nutrition/Nutriceuticals, and Exercise and Business and Creativity Boosting to help create success stories for adults with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and/or bipolar. He has the ability to offer one-stop treatment--medications, therapy, and coaching. With a full spectrum of advanced resources to choose from, he helps clients create customized strategies and environments that fit the client and makes it easier to create a more productive and rewarding life with less struggle.
      Professional Organization Membership: ANA, AAPPN, ADDA, ADD Resources, CHADD

  • Erika Giraldo, MN, ARNP
    Mill Creek
    Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
    Population Served: Children, Adolescents, Adults

    • Shifa Health, PLLC
      805 164th St S.E.
      Suite #101
      Mill Creek, WA 98012
      425-742-4600 (phone)
      425-742-4633 (fax)
      Description: Providing compassionate, evidence based mental health care for children, adolescents and adults. I am empathetic and respectful of each individual's values and beliefs. I provide psychiatric evaluations and if indicated, medication management for mental health concerns including depression, anxiety disorders and ADHD.
      Professional Organization Membership: CHADD

  • Attorneys

  • Ryan Ford, Esq.
    School Law - Education Attorney
    Population Served: Children/Adolescents/Adults

    • Ryan Ford, Esq.
      103 12th Ave
      Seattle, WA 98122
      206-552-0258 (office)
      206-260-9121 (fax)
      805-550-9878 (cell)
      Description: Ford Law Firm focuses exclusively on education law matters and is located in the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to serving parents and students from preschool to college with high-quality legal service. We believe in a collaborative student-centric approach that places students first. Our practice areas include Special Education, Civil Rights (Section 504, Title VI & Title IX), Student Discipline, Student Bullying and Harassment and Student Injuries.
      Professional Organization Memberships: CHADD

  • Educational Consultants, Educational Therapists, Counselors

  • Barbara Bennett, M.A.
    Educational Therapist/Educational Consultant/ADHD Coach
    Population Served: Age 4 - Adult

  • Olga Caffee, LMHCA, EdS
    Educational Specialist (EdS), Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, Certified CPS (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) Provider
    Population Served: Children from age 5 to 18

  • MDs

  • Lauren Plawner, M.D.
    Child Neurology
    Population Served: Children and Adolescents

    • The Polyclinic
      Nordstrom Medical Tower
      1229 Madison Street, Suite 1650
      Seattle, WA 98104
      206-292-2249 (phone)
      206-292-2018 (fax)
      Professional Organization Membership: Child Neurology Society

  • Carl Plonsky, M.D.
    Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician
    Population Served: Children and Adolescents

    • Union Avenue Pediatrics/Neurobehavioral Associates
      1530 S. Union Ave
      Tacoma, WA 98405
      253-761-1543 (fax)
      Professional Organization Membership: AAP/WSMA/PCMS

  • David Pomeroy, M.D.
    Family Practitioner
    Population Served: All ages

    • Brain Health NW
      2000 116th Ave NE, Suite 6
      Bellevue, WA 98004
      425-454-8684 (phone)
      206-339-5465 (fax)
      Description: Brain Health NW provides medical services to individuals and their families for the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders (AD/HD), depression, anxiety, and related conditions. By self-referral, physician, or counselor. Holistic diagnostics and multi-modal treatment, coordination of care with other professionals.
      Professional Organization Membership: Am Acad Family Physicians, WA State Medical Association, CHADD, ADDA, ADD Resources Bd of Directors

  • Psychologists

  • Elizabeth MacKenzie, Ph.D.
    Child & Adolescent Psychologist - Assessment, Psychotherapy, and Consultation
    Population Served: Up to age 21

    • West Seattle Psychological Services
      4204 SW Oregon St
      Seattle, WA 98116
      206-932-2590 (phone)
      Description: I am a child and adolescent clinical psychologist. I provide assessment, treatment, and consultation services for individuals with ADHD with or without hyperactivity. I also assist families with parenting issues, school issues such as school-home communication and documentation supporting the need for Individual Educational Plans, and 504 Accommodations and Modifications Plans. A team of professionals, parents, and the student is needed for the best treatment. Consequently, I take extra time providing families with educational materials to help understand ADHD and its many treatment components. I also take extra time and care to communicate and coordinate with health care professionals and educators. In addition to my work focused on ADHD, I provide assessment and treatment for co-occuring conditions such as learning disability, behavior problems, depression, and anxiety. I provide training in social skills, organization, decision-making, planning. Finally, I keep up on the eligibility criteria of state, district, university, and college entrance tests (ex. SAT) so that my reports include the necessary information to consider a student's eligibility for needed services. Please see my website for more information.
      Professional Organization Membership: CHADD, American Psychological Association, Washington State Psychological Association, Learning Disabilities Association of Washington, Society for Research on Child Development

  • Ross Mayberry, Ph.D.
    Psychologist for Adults
    Population Served: Adolescents, Adults and Seniors

    • 2800 East Madison St., #306
      Seattle, WA 98112
      206-323-7323 (phone)
      206-323-7324 (fax)
      Office hours: Mondays through Fridays 8-6 in Seattle or Tacoma.
      Description: WA Licensed Psychologist #12970. I am a psychologist with 25 years experience as well as a human being with 50 plus year of experiencing ADHD from the inside out & quite a ride! I am also the parent of two delightful, but challenging ADHD daughters. ADHD has been the primary focus of my practice for the past 10 years. I provide not only assessment and treatment of ADHD but also frequently co-existing conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, OCD, PTSD and relationship problems, among others. I assess and treat ages 12 and up. My approach favors cognitive therapy combined with a dash of humor, as little jargon as possible and a healthy does of honesty about my own struggles and successes as an ADHD kid/adult. I work closely with schools (504 plans), employers, psychiatrists and primary care physicians to insure the best possible care. I am listed on most insurance panels.
      Professional Organization Membership: American Psychological Association, CHADD, National Register, ADDA

  • Social Workers

  • Susan Ross, MSW, LICSW
    Social Worker
    Population Served: All ages

    • Adding Solutions
      1400 - 112th Ave SE, Suite 100
      Bellevue, WA 98004
      206-335-8467 (phone)
      206-567-5320 (fax)
      Description: I work with clients diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, dual-diagnoses and addictions. My approach is a direct and interactive style. Our initial focus will be on determining the clients’ capacities and capabilities for creating the changes he/she desires. My therapeutic style combines cognitive/reality therapy with interpretive and supportive communication. In addition, I provide coaching, when necessary. I am also trained in EMDR trauma treatment and offer that tool as a powerful, integrative aspect of psychotherapy. The most essential element of therapy is to provide the client an experience of safety, acceptance, familiarity and ease, and an opportunity to operate from his/her essential self, within the boundaries of a therapeutic relationship. The goal is to provide behavioral and emotional maps designed to enhance the client’s functioning in all aspects of his/her life.
      Professional Organization Membership: NASW, ACSW, LICSW, CHADD, ADDA

  • Organizers

  • Cindy Jobs
    Professional Organizer and Coach
    Population Served: Adolescents and Adults

  • Lauren Williams, Casual Uncluttering LLC
    Professional Organizer
    Population Served: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Senior Citizens , Parents of Children w/ADHD
    • Casual Uncluttering LLC Woodinville WA 98072-2448
      Phone 425-947-3976
      Email: lauren@casualuncluttering.com>
      Website: https://www.casualuncluttering.com
      Would you like to unclutter your space and your life? Make your kitchen, office, living room, arts & crafts center and all the rest of your home fun, pleasant, creative, and functional? I work in homes, home businesses and also small businesses. Who do I work with? My youngest-ever one-on-one client, probably for as long as I'll be in business, was five. Several of my clients - 80 or more years young. I'm an openly bisexual generalist who cheerfully brushes spiders out of her hair. I've worked in every room in a house, attic to basement, garages, sheds, home-based business offices, storage units and a horse barn. I've turned around eviction proceedings, have volunteered in hoarding situations, but also once spent 45 minutes on a makeup sales rep's sample case. My clients are doctors, small-plot farmers, teachers, bankers, airline personnel, housewives, retired, veterans, artists, craftsmen, parents, grandparents, widows, divorced, single, couples. But that list is only a small sample of my clients.

      Professional Organization Membership: Member National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) since 3/22/2011 Member National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professional (NAPO) Seattle Area Chapter since 3/22/2011 Certified Professional Organizer July 2017 Member Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) since 7/1/2017 Earned Institute for Challenging Disorganization Earned Institute for Challenging Disorganization Specialist Level II Certificate in Chronic Disorganization Earned Institute for Challenging Disorganization Level I Certificates of Study in: (1) Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client; (2) Basic Mental Health Conditions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client; (3) Interpersonal Intelligence; (4) CD Client Administration; (5) Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client and (6) Chronic Disorganization

  • Schools

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