Support and information for families and individuals living with ADHD. Please join us at our informative presentations.

A message from Barbara Bennett, MA, Volunteer Coordinator, Eastside CHADD:

CHADD's National website has information that is useful during this stressful time: "Guidelines for Uncertain Times."

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Welcome to Eastside CHADD, a satellite of national CHADD.

CHADD is the national, evidence-based organization devoted to bring up-to-date scientific research about ADHD to the ADHD community and to those who work with individuals with ADHD. Its goal is to provide knowledge about effective practices in education, parenting, and lifespan issues.

At a time when academic and problem-solving skills, along with the ability to implement them, are key to a solid economic future, our programming will present professionals who will keep your knowledge current about ADHD and related conditions such as learning disabilities, anxiety, and mood disorders.

We will bring you timely information about the new diagnostic criteria used to diagnose ADHD.

In response to your requests, we plan to add programs to meet the needs of adults.

Eastside CHADD is an all volunteer community group. Please contact me to volunteer your skills, ideas, and your expertise, whether it be for a few moments at our meetings or for longer projects. We value all who give generously of their time to make Eastside CHADD the place to learn about ADHD and to support those with ADHD.

We invite you to join Eastside CHADD at our monthly meetings and welcome your membership in Eastside CHADD. Support Eastside CHADD in CHADD's special offer for new or renewing members.

Barbara Bennett, M.A.
Volunteer Eastside CHADD Coordinator


Wednesday, June 10: "Understanding Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace: Transitioning from High School to Employment." Presented by Linda Clemon-Karp, MFA, ADAC, Continuing Education Coordinator at Northwest ADA Center.

Due to the "Sheltering in Place" requirements we will be bringing these presentations to you "virtually" until it is safe again to meet in person. Please note that the times for these presentations has changed to accommodate this new format.

Events are held at the Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue. For directions see MEETINGS page.